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Join us as we work to ensure a better and stronger Peace Corps as Volunteers return to service overseas.

Two years after all Peace Corps Volunteers were brought home because of COVID-19, they have begun to return to service and are now working alongside communities in some two dozen countries around the world. Invitations are out for Volunteers to return to more than 50 countries.

This is a hopeful time for the Peace Corps. But we’re also living at a time of crisis and war. That makes even more urgent work to build peace and friendship across boundaries — around the world and here at home.


What We Do

We uphold Peace Corps ideals and advance Peace Corps-inspired initiatives.
Nearly 240,000 strong, we are a powerful force for good.


Help Peace Corps be the best it can be.

Raise your voice in support of needed legislative
changes that affect returned and future Volunteers, and help retool Peace Corps for a changed world.


Empower yourself, other members, and groups.

Connect with Returned Volunteers from across generations and countries, and in cities, regions, and workplaces, as well as around causes that matter deeply to you — from environmental action to work with refugees.


Continue making the world a better place.

Support community-based projects that make global giving more efficient, transparent, and effective.

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4 WorldView Magazine covers 2021-22

WorldView Magazine

Published by National Peace Corps Association, the award-winning WorldView magazine serves the greater Peace Corps community with news, commentary, the arts, politics, and commerce of the cultures of the larger world. Each issue gives voice to Peace Corps Volunteers as they serve, to Returned Peace Corps Volunteers who are still dedicated to global service, and to everyone who wants to make the world a better place.

CURRENT EDITION: Read our 2022 Return to Service Edition — and see where Peace Corps Volunteers are returning to work alongside communities around the world.

EPLORE THE ARCHIVES: Read the 2022 Special Books Edition of WorldView  Read the 60th Anniversary Edition of WorldView and previous editions.


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