Impact Investment

Given the success of microfinance in helping the world’s poor to raise their standard of living, NPCA created a Microfinance Fund through the Calvert Foundation so community members can invest in micro-credit initiatives. That NPCA loan pool has surpassed $1 million, giving testimony to the Peace Corps community’s ongoing commitment to the developing world. Join others in helping to eliminate extreme poverty. Invest now.

The Microfinance Fund grows through purchase of Community Investment Notes issued by the Calvert Foundation. Investors with a minimum of $1,000 earn a fixed financial return of 0-3%, while generating social returns that are measured in the number of microenterprises and jobs created.  This is a win-win-win: marginalized people gain financial stability, you realize profits on your investment, and NPCA benefits if you elect to donate a portion of your interest to us (this is known as a Charitable Lead Trust).

While most investors are individuals, many NPCA affiliate groups also recognize the Microfinance Fund as a worthwhile place to invest funds that are available for a minimum of one year. Friends of Kenya and Nigeria as well as RPCV groups in Chicago, San Diego, Minnesota, South Florida and Washington D.C. have already invested in the Microfinance Fund.

Learn more about and get investment materials on the Calvert Foundation’s website.